Although to travel the world by bicycle do not need more than enthusiasm and love what you’re doing, everything we have is essential to make more bearable the long days of cycling in those places wich are waiting for us.

Of all the material we carry, there are some things you can not miss:

Clothes, we’ve been fortunate to have found a sponsor:TERNUA. They are going to give us all the clothes we need. We from before this branch and we are happy because this branch is a guarantee of quality.

Bicycle, which will be our friend an extension of our body that “takes us” by those roads, trails, and ways. We will need a strong bicycle and at the same time as simple as possible thinking in the future: problems, get spare parts….

The Aitor´s bicycle is made of steel, in our opinion this is the best option when traveling as we do. Laura has been searching for steel but today is difficult to get it in the market, so she get aluminion but if you take this option, be sure to be of good aluminum quality.

The components we have chosen high quality, so they are minimum “Shimano Deore”.

The carriers, are one of the most important components of the bike. They will carry many, many kilos. For all of them we chose the brand “Turbus” less for the Laura´s front ones; that one is a “hand made Iranian one” wich Mohamed (check him in the section “Friends”) gave as a gift when we was at his place.

Saddlebags will serve to transport all the things we need, and as a prerequisite, must be waterproof. When it rains and we get wet, it is important to have the peace of mind that the spare clothing, sleeping bag and tent are very dry. They must be tough considering the amount of weight loaded.

In these years of travel we have seen that Aitor carrying saddlebags were good and strong( except for a factory failure which, make the panniers eventually die because it makes a hole in the upper part) and finally we decided to buy the same. Vaude is the brand,  “Aqua back plus” and “aqua front”. This brand also are the convertible backpack dry bags we carry both.

The Laura´s front panniers are the ones she had in the previous trip that ones also have come good and strong, Ortileb brand. Also Ortileb is the box of the Aitor´s handlebar

Multifuel stove, runs on gasoline, diesel, paraffin, kerosene …. We chose the model “Optimus Nova plus” because it has the advantage that it can regulate the flame.

Tent, to hold strong winds and torrential rains. This brand also Vaude, since we know that the rain holds up well and we had found a good offer.

Water purifier filter, allowing us to drink any water that we find on the road. The first four years we have used a ” Katadyn Filter.” Seeing how well that has worked and still have life for a while, we decided to stick with it.

Mosquito-net, it is important to sleep without any hassles.

This material must be very technical, apart of it everything else can be more current.


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