These are the directions of web pages or e-mails of interesting people that we met in our way.

Salva: one of the “big ones” with mind, body and free soul like the wind. He have a special talent as a writter, have a look and enjoy:                                                                                                                  

Mohammad, an Iranian guy who follows his dreams where they should take him and at the same time carry with him a nice message for the joungs trying to create awareness about the enviroment and the deforestation.                                                                                                            

Angel a clown who wants to make happier the world.                                                                         

Javi a fotographer and traveller with whom we share one of the most beautiful roads on the higlands. His trip was just Asia but seems that is growing on.                                                           

Nicolas Marino, a Cyclotraveler and photografer at the same time, wishing and cycling the most difficult and remote roads on the world taking at the same time amazing pictures.


They met on the way, Aitor and Evelin. Special couple choosing nice paths to enjoy every corner of this world.

A family, parents with two soons travelling by bicycle around the world. They have been already in 5 continents, they have so many histories to say.

16 comments on “Friends

  1. Hi Aitor & Lara

    Good luck with your new adventure. May you have many safe and happy miles during your journey. God Bless.

    Greetings from Africa 🙂

  2. Dear Aitor and Laura

    We wish you a safe trip and we look forward to hearing the many wonderful experiences and memories that you will be able to share with us

    You will be in our thoughts and prayers all the way

    With lots of love

    Iain Helen Rory and Natalie
    Cape Town

  3. Hey ! On the road again…. I will pay attention to your adventures and have again a great pleasure seeing ad reading you from France. Take care, love xxxxxxxxx

  4. I was so happy to encounter you both in Nice. Have nice time in your trip and be happy. And ‘rendez-vous’ in Katmandou or somewhere to drink the bottle of champagne we ‘decide to share” in April. Take care. Régine

  5. ciao ragazzi…..tutti i giorni guardavo il vostro sito.aspettando vostre notizie.
    mi fa piacere che Venezia vi sia piaciuta..e spero avrete un bel ricordo
    dell’Italia… un grande saluto da Maria e Piero…siete ragazzi speciali..
    .vi seguiro’ in internet… mangiati gli spaghetti??

  6. Dear Laura and Aitor!

    It was nice to meet you guys and joined the pice of your trip cross Slovenia. Within a few kilometers that we cycled together we were totally impressed. You brighten our day. Godspeed to continue. If you ever come to Slovenia again, let us know. We will be glad to see and meet you again.

    All best.

    Mateja and Jure

  7. Hey my friends, I’ve just got e-mail from you…I wish you all luck on you’re trip,lot of happiness and joy.I’ve send you lot of love from Sarajevo and I know that we will see again…:)
    Vreco Božo-singer from House of Sevdah

  8. Hey guys,

    I am so proud of you guys and so happy I ran into you guys three years ago in Zambia. I will see you guys again and create some nice memories:) Stay lovely and beautiful. xoxoxoxo

  9. dont forget me aitor and lara…we met inturkey/ kurdistan ı m yusuf..we spole so much about kurdistan and you slept in our tea garden did you remember 🙂

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