About Us

Laura Martínez Calderón

Was born in Madrid on July 24, 1976.

Sports lover, I began to teach in gyms for years till became a personal trainner, my life looks to others very succesfull, but I felt that I wanted something more in life, it was fine but something inside of me was asking for more, then decided to heed my inner voice, and my adventure began…

For eight years I traveled and lived in many different countries, dedicating myself to a many strange and unexpected careers. It was while I was in Nepal when I met Aitor and decided to change my plans and join him on his trip by bicycle.

From that moment (february 2008) till now we had been riding together our bicycles. What started as a trip became our way of life, withouth house, without car, whitouth cellphone… living life as nomads, at low speed, withouth time limitation, feeling gratefull and free every day, exploring remotes and magic corners of this wonderfull world.

Aitor Iguiñitz Oyarzabal

I was born On April 18, 1977 in Andoain, Gipuzkoa’s province.

I like the sport and the nature, especially the mountains. I have climbed and traveled innumerable tops and ways of the Pyrenees, Alps, Andes and Himalayas.

After a few years working as electronic technician, I decided in Ocotber 2006, to follow an impulse and taking my bicycle, I started my trip towards unknown ways.

Already I have crossed multitude countries, cultures and different worlds. This way of traveling and knowing the world captivated me totally, becoming the trip my way of living the life.

10 comments on “About Us

  1. Hey Guys! I just got an email from Laura and will soon have a more in-depth look at your Blog 🙂 I wanted to point out that there are dates posted on your blog from the future!! (ie. the first post is dated Dec 17, 2011—which hasn’t happened yet). I’m wondering if that wasn’t supposed to be 2010? Anyway, I thought I’d point that out. Good to hear from you!!

  2. Beautiful!!! Thank You. You are enspiring me to enjoy the earth and be one with it, in the most natural form. I’m sure you can empathise that disconnecting from a materialistic world is deffinately not easy. Iran and Turkey are beautiful countries, rich in culture and history. Your blog truly captures the spirit in a summary.I hope to one day meet you along your travels, I will follow your blog to see where we may coincide. I pray for your safety, self enrichment and may you enspire people to be the best they can be!!!

  3. Hi Aitor & Laura, so glad you’re enjoying your trip. Blessings for safe travel and making this world a better place!

  4. ..hola…its me, Ja….we met while you guys [4 of you] in the middle of cycling to cameron highland..here my facebook…you can add me ya..gracias…good luck in your journey..have fun….hasta la proxima..adios..

    fb: LaiTer BiRu

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