Another pedal stroke

  • Most of the times, it starts with an idea, a comment that somebody made, whatever that made your head click. Once from there, you start daydreaming about it. You picture yourself living the dream, enjoying with whatever happens.

This happened to me. I even dreamt with it while I was sleeping. Then and there it dawned on me, “this is what one day I want to live” But that “one day” is postponed and if one doesn´t take care of that idea, that dream starts fading until one day it lays forgotten.

One has to make the decision, has to take the first step. It is always the most difficult one. Courage is necessary to do it, and even more to leave the people you love, and love you behind. Courage to start making the first move, the most difficult one.

From there on, the worst is done, now you shall give your all and everything goes smoothly. Once you start doing it with your heart without thinking, everything is easy and it is not necessary to be brave. That is because you realize that most of the people in the world are elated to help you whenever you need it, and there is nothing to worry about.

One day you look back and you realize how many things you have experienced/endured. You thank to all those people who have been with you and have taught you, who have supported you, who have hosted and fed you without expecting anything in return. Moreover, all those people who took advantage of your ignorance and overcharged you when you bought from them or even those who thought about doing something worse to you. It has to be like this, because there is no yin without yang.

Recorrido nuevo ingles final

That is why I thank everyone, absolutely to every person I have met on my way, to everyone who looked at my eyes, who smiled at me… Without them I wouldn´t have been able to reach here and still have the drive to keep going.

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