Everything can be explained with a letter… the ¨Y¨

If we travel with our imagination to the base of the letter “Y” and we began to walk up, there’s a moment in which we are going to reach a point of uncertainty,
a point at which we have to make a decision; there we have to take one of two paths that are presented to us.

Sometimes this happens in life, we could call it “The Y momentum”.

This time I talk to all of you in singular, I’m Laura and I will use this entry to thank you all but also, to say goodbye.

Listening to a  internal voice that speaks to me only sometimes,                                            the one that always leads me and that comes from the depths…                                                   I have decided to end the bicycle life.

Even is I truly love this type of life more than any other… something deep (since a while ago already) is asking me for more. There are things that time cry out inside for their turn, they claim to be experienced, savored and… the life of the bicycle take you in a 200%.

Walking among the California Redwoods…IMG_1596.JPG

All those things that I want to do and I do not do, all those that are waiting for so long… were telling me that it is the time… no more waiting, no more excuses.
I can feel it clear, after this 10 years on the saddle… is time to get out, to taste other things, things that had arrived to my life to be lived and that I really want to ¨jump into them ¨ and as… everything is no possible… I make my decision… finally life is about that… decisions….
When my fears appear o me in the middle of the night or when I am by myself here or there… I am telling to them that: “Ey my friends!!! my journey did not begin with the bicycle and by finishing this trip I am not going to get trapped in a life that I do not like, this is for good, life is change and movement, and finally Life itself is the trip”.

And Aitor keep going yes, he keep his path, his adventures, cycling now again alone, as 10 years ago he was doing when we meet in Nepal.


Very soon he will be the one who is going to explain you about it, about how is going now.

I guess he will be going faster and his nights under the stars will be more silent, surely
deeper, it is what has to travel alone… depth.

I also tell you another secret… with his permission: he got his hiking boots into the panniers,  so he will add some high nice treks and expeditions to the trip this time.

I am with the last details of a book, yes, the book about the first 3 years of this trip… Asia, Middle East, Arab countries, Africa…. is still in ¨the oven ¨ but almost done. Here down the cover, the full cover (front, back and flaps)…


This post is short, just to explain you all this profound change in our lives that is going on.

Scary… sincerely… yes,                                                                                                                         but under the fear is there a sweet inner feeling of joy,                                                                 happiness about  live everything that is here, new now.
Toward this… I’m going with my fears by my side, together we will walk.


Very, very soon, he is going to update us. Let’s see….

Thank you for have been following, reading, answering, and following the blog, I am among you now, following Aitor on his great adventure.


5 comments on “Everything can be explained with a letter… the ¨Y¨

  1. You made me 😢…. All the best and lots of blessing to both of you guys. You have been the most inspirational people we have ever met during travels.
    Lots of Love,
    Mira and Vladimir

  2. Hi to both of you. In case that a room in a nice apartment in Hamburg fits to one of your travel-schedules and plans … I will be happy to be your host. Lot´s of grimmy looking germans trapped in a miserable life need spanish teachers with good stories to share. You both are more than welcome. And I hope that your decision brings power and joy to you.

    All the best and greetings from Hamburg


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