What about us?

What about us?, where are we?, continue pedaling?… in last months people constantly made us these questions and… honestly, it sounds weird… in some moments we also made the same questions to ourselves.

We just have looked at the blog and … already a year is gone since the last post!!! oh my good!!! we are not very proffesional and we have abandoned the social media… What has happened is that we were busy living the real life!!!!

We can summarize… from Alaska we cycled towards the South and crossed Canada, also, a good part of the United States and then… we went for a rest; We could not resist to a surprising offer… it was that… so tempting.

We were hosted in the State of Montana in a large house where many cyclists stop, because the owner of the house hosts to anyone who passes through. There, we shared a few days with another traveller that suddenly… offered us his car to use it while he kept cycling. Still he had few more months to go and had the car parked in Oakland, California.

-You can pick it up there and use it all you want, then leave it where it was and… that´s all. Even for me will be better because the car has not being used. You decide, do what you want but I tell you… the Californian coast and the giant Sequoia trees are something… that you can not miss… Once you have arrived here… why not?.

That’s what we said to each other: “why not?”. With a long visa, having all the time in the world and nothing to be in a hurry… in addition we needed to rest physically, explore the lands of the North finally had been hard, tasty, exquisite, but… we were tired, both and… Yes, we had already thought about the Sequoia, that we were going to miss them, because they were so far away, totally out of our route… there was no way to mix it; travelling by bicycle you have to choose.

We accept it and we went to San Francisco to pick up the car. The bikes were in Salt Lake City, in the State of Utah, home of a great couple we met in Alaska and they offered his home to us. Steve told us that both have traveled a lot, and they continue doing so whenever they can; There is nothing they enjoy more than returning the hospitality that they received while travelling. A pleasure.

We start by car towards the north (this time without pedaling) the coast upwards; Visiting, knowing, meeting wonderful people who have thrown us to the ground again, the myth of the Americans that we made up in our minds.

The Sequoias left us speechless, literally. The presence of these trees is something unexplainable and unique, we can only compare it with standing yourself in front of an African baobab. Shocking.

Driving miles up and down, chatting and making plans came out the idea of keep writing “the book”; That, finishing the book was still pending.

In New Zealand I made progress but… there was the final push, to finish it, to materialize it, to download it from “My personal cloud” and, we decided that this could be the right time to do it.

So it has been…. a little in the United States and now the final push in Spain (which we have arrived just at the end of May) and it is there… almost, almost ready, almost, almost… are the final touches.

It’s like when you have a cake in the oven and the timer rings, you open, you take it out, you watch it, you put the knife in… “Mmm… no, still little bit to go” and you put it in 5 minutes more. The same but… with the book.

Now is the issue of deciding whether editorial or self-edittion and… seems almost sure that is gonna be the last one so… there will still be a little longer and work to spend in the process but, the biggest part is done.

By the end of September we will fly back to the American continent. There we have the bikes safely.

In this time we have left, we are gona take the social media and we tell you everything that we have in the inkwell, waiting to leave, pending to be shared.

Friends, it’s been wonderful! Those wild and pure northern lands…. have been spectacular but we have also had some scare but…. what we said, we are slowly, updating it.

One comment on “What about us?

  1. Hi Laura and Aitor,

    in which language you have written the book? Do I have to learn Spanish? I hope to see lot´s of photos in it.

    All the best from Hamburg … which gets at the moment a glimpse of the life in hot and dry countries.


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