As starter…something special.

Here we are, we are back into this continue change of place. In this touring, advance, go, go, be… stay… go. Live in continuous movement, adaptation and change.

Again the world is our home: today this corner, here the nap, in this bend of the road under the palm trees, shaded because this noon…is really hot!!!. And tomorrow?… behind the teachers house at the school of the village (taking advantage that now the kids are on vacation) and then, later…? who knows and… does that really matter? It will be, how and where it has to be, here or there, we will know it when it will comes (wich is the perfect time to know).


We are already in these rhythms that we so well-known, so comfortables and simples to us.
Aitor, a couple of days ago met a German cyclist couple (the first ones since we started cycling from Siligury, south of Sikkim, right where the States of northeast India begin) They were going so fast that Aitor barely had time to talk with them: they had 8 days to reach the border with Myanmar which is 800kms away and even with the broken shifter and already almost dark they keept cycling. They had not time to talk, or to explain too much, they were on something very important: they had to make the round to the world in two years, and the time was running out for them… they had to harry up!!!.

They made us smile, thank and to realize how happy we are in our slow rhythms, we are choosing the bike for the slow motion, because we are free and independent, because of the contact with the place and people and we are still choosing to not be in a hurry and, instead of crossing, to advance, to be in each pedal stroke and attempting to maximize time for meetings… to stop,to stay a little more and by this let arise the conversation, the confidence, wait until it disappears the surprise that we cause at first when people meet us with the bicycles and everything….. later, after a while…seeing us more as an equal, then happens the meeting.

mosaico caras garo people

We are touring these Northeast States that have given so many problems to India, wanting to become independent and now we understand the whys… again… although there are no official borders, there is not place for the slightlest to doubt.

It is clear that after crossing the Bramaputra river on the wooden boat, (which took us not more and not less than 3 hours and a half of slow advance perched to the roof, or sitting on the small benches on the loaded wooden boat wooden ) everything changes, they will call whatever they want, but this place is no longer India.

mosaico barca
The State of Meghalaya is all that we had hearded and much, much more: tribal land, abundance, jungle, nature and even as they reassure us orangutans but those… those we haven’t seen them.

mosaico pedaleando

We are halfway to cross it and so far we have been with Muslims in Assam and went into the Garo hills without thinking twice. It is said that they are the native tribe of these lands that as couriosity we tell you that they are governed by the Matriarchy : in the family is the youngest daughter who get the heritage of the family, when a man marries goes to live at the wife´s home. The mother gives the surname to the son and daughters and they get marriage only for love.

We are still in discovering them, asking, seeing and trying to understand more about them. Hospitable and kind people, quiet and respectfull, humble and sincere, we were in a heaven but, we had to get down from the mountains because literally my body could not give any more.
In this area of mountain slopes are steep, continuous non-stop, here a plain of 20 meters is a dream, an utopia. Too much after a a year without even looked sideways our bikes…

mosaico gente

Aitor was going better and he could have crossed the 350 kms of mountains but although I swear that I tried it and gave my best… at a road crossing I surrendered to defeat, I was pushing the bicycle almost in every slope and my mind was not strong in off to keep with it. Aitor with pity listened to me and… what would he do? It succumbed to the imminent… was too much.

We got back to the plain, have a rest and cycled for more 4 days heading esatward. After that we tryed again, we went into the hills, we couldn´t miss that people, now by another route we climb into the mountains again and this time…yes!!! with a few kms more in the legs and the couple of days that we was resting everything was right. Finally, in the resting days is in which the shape is made, is fixed, has rooted in the muscles and then… then there is nothing which stop us!.!

Bicycles were who were on holidays, after having been all these months stopped, after the trip disassembled in pieces across India from side to side… they had a scare similar to ours when we picked up them and we opened the boxes… all of these we carry? and sure that everything is necessary? thing by thing, we rethought if we really need them. And so we did. We need all this for our way of live.

mosaico bicis

So, in all this we are… back to put the body and the mind in, shape, taking it with calm and getting strong again as we move in these beautiful lands that remind us to Africa and so little (as I said) to India.

We will tell you when we get to know them a bit more and when we come back out of the mountains because there, above them few knows what a computer is and much less internet.

These areas of the world are those who continue to give meaning to this journey, these small corners where the tourism haven´t spoilled, in which people are so simple and pure, so simple and happy, are giving meaning to be, to share, to the hardness of the advance.

These places that suddenly you feel clear that… finally in the deep, there is nothing to do, just being alive.

Immerse yourself in the mountains where there are no stimulis that empowers the mind, the desires, the cravings, the avertions… the mind is stilled, calms down and becomes clear only to being here, just happen by itself.

Nature and women, nature and man… by the hand, in a fair exchange in which nobody loses and everyone wins.

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