And again…. ¡¡¡ Here we go !!!

Switching on engines …. brrrrmmm, brrrrmmmm, testing, testing … one, two, one, two … yes, yes, testing again, testing, yes …

It seems that everything is still in its site where we left when we decided to go back to Spain for a visit for a couple of months. It has past 11 month since then, we have made money, we have shared time with the people we love, we have learned that we are able for much more than we thought, even able to buildt a house with just our own hands (an a couple of hands more) and… here we are again, in India. As if nothing had happened, as if everything would have been a dream.

Again traveling, moving and landing on another world. Only a few hours of difference and after getting into a kind of refrigerator with seats … ¡¡Zas!! another world, another planet.


It is like shaking suddenly all the cells of the body and scream: Awake, awake this is a new reality!!


Although quick and effective, still the airplane is something that we don’t like much, in fact,  we believe it is not healthy. Having time, we continue choosing the slow, to experience the changes little by little, observing the signs one by one, the signs, the details with which you see the transformation of the world from country to country, from culture to culture. Moving slow allow us to digest the transformations and give us time and space to transform ourselves with everything.

mosaico india2015

Anyway we enjoyed the flight, the start, the feeling that everything moves on again.

Yes, we enjoy it but also we suffer it. To leave behind the family makes you feel something like a “clack!!” in the heart, as when a wooden stick breaks when you force it …  ¡¡ clack!! And it really hurts, literally hurts but it happens that at the same time, here inside us there is a huge force that pushes, a force to which you only can surrender, that pushes you to continue, to move on, to live, to keep discovering places, meeting peoples, tasting, experiencing the world.

mosaico2 india2015
Here we have left a life “waiting” that had been paused, our life was sitting, watching to the infinite without moving a muscle even, in our absence. As a dog that somebody leaved tied outside a shop and is looking to see if the owner comes out of the shop, with eyes wide open, without even batting an eyelid. Like this we have found our life on our return.

“She” was whising to be lived, and us passionate to continue living it.
All the rules we knew are transformed again. What it was right is better not to repeat it, what is politically correct may have become a lack of respect in this new place. Readaptation, relocation …. breathe in, breathe out.

We have been fortunate and the family gifthed us all, all the things we were needing to renovate on our bicycles since the kilometers, the potholes, the weight and the time had break or almost break in some parts, which literally were in the last. With all this new material and a little bit of time to mount, with a little more oil and a handshake here and another there, will be ready to continue the adventure, life.

What plans?

Yes, we have some.

Something really new appeared: Yoga. An impulse almost an internal need that pushed us to try it out.
And so it was that we came up to Risikesh in northern India, place that we could call “the mecca of Yoga”


and thus it is that each day we are giving all our energy practicing four hours of daily and watching surprised, as through it our body is transforming, waking up, making it more flexible and releasing rigidities and tensions that we were not even aware that they were there. It is still very interesting and our desire to continue learning more and more is increasing with the days.

Through Risikesh cross the Ganga river, the most sacred in India. The morning rituals, the evening prayers, the offerings, the sacred baths make this place exotic, mistic and interesting.

mosaico3 india2015



But we are not going to stay long, we have so many things ahead that there is no way to resist to live it so, as soon as we finish the course ¡¡we will jump again on the seaddle of our bycicles!!!.
We will leave India for after to cross the new opened areas of the northeastern states of this country. After that we’ll enter in Myamar by road which is opnend just one year ago.

We have had many years of having it in your sights, in the desire, years with this country in the “drawer” of soon and finally these is all set in such a way that we can cross it and in addition, thanks to the help of a handful of good people, no hurry since we have been able to get what is necessary in order to obtain a long visa: ¡¡three months!!.

So much ahead so exciting, so intense this “now” with the daily practice, that again, if there is something that resonates deep within us is a “big” THANK YOU. A indefinite thank you, just a sense of gratitude that we feel vibrating, deep inside us, persistently, continuously.


One comment on “And again…. ¡¡¡ Here we go !!!

  1. Although it is a bit over a year ago that we met on top of the Warila pass in Ladakh, sharing some nuts. I also experience these weeks the benefit of yoga for a body that is tired and stiff. Yoga brings energy and inner peace.
    Thinking of you and my Ladakhi friend Gonbo of Lungta Travels,
    from Kyoto/Japan

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