To Dubai ???…to… Duuubai…. to Dubai !!!.

nos vamos4

Once upon the time, there was a German traveler named Ralf, one of those few travelers that still exist because… in these times many people travel, but few of them are travelling without time, without direction, without searching online or bringing gps into continents such as the African with his van, spending there five years, driving slowly and enjoying it to the fullest. The meeting with him in Namibia nearly 4 years ago, it was short but after, this friend stayed in our memories as someone very special, and it seems to have happened he same with us in his memory.

A couple of weeks ago we received an email sent by him, now he is in the area of Oman and Emirates. We do not know how or where, but we can tell you that, as in the tales; Ralph met one of those Arab sheiks in long tunics and tanned skin and became friends. The Sheikh turned out to be a travelers lover, people who travel in a different way and he invited him to an event he is organizing every year: the Dubai Traveller´s Festival.

The Sheikh invited our friend to his farm inland in the desert and there they talked a lot about different thing while smoking sisha. Appeared stories, stories of thousand and one places and among them, a pair of adventurers who are traveling the world on a bike caught the attention of theSheikh, which approached Ralph enthusiastically and said:

-Invite them, bring them, no matter where they are, I invite them to come and to stay in Dubai as long as the festival lasts, to share with us that kind of life they are living, traveling around the world like a nomads on their bicycles. I want to get to know them and sit with them as here with you.
And that’s how our friend wrote us, inviting us to go and be part of the Dubai traveler festival 2013.

That is why we changed the plans, direccion, and after an unforgettable crossing of the Cardamom highlands in Cambodia (which we’ll tell in soon)we are cycling back to Bangkok from where we´ll fly to Dubai the 1st of december.
What awaits us?, what will we find?, courious of how will be visiting Dubai being the guests of a Sheikh.

nos vamos mosaico


One comment on “To Dubai ???…to… Duuubai…. to Dubai !!!.

  1. Hi Guys that is magic news and am sure you will be well looked after. Its a nice time of the year as well I think. Always been there in June and July when the heat is really bad. Will be interesting to hear your story with the rich and famous.

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