Yesterday was the day we had choosen to return to live again on the bicycle but the morning woke up wet. The rainy season is coming and the weather goes increasingly more unstable.
Wathching at the predictions for the next day in the screen of our computer, we could see a couple of huge and bigs suns shining in front of our eyes. After all this time without cycling, why not  to wait one day and start in a bright and shinny morning instead of this rainny day?.
So we did. This morning we got up and started to pack the last things. For the people in the street the day was not so different than yesterday, the day before or even tomorrow but for us it was a very special moment. Finally we were ready to departure.
To say goodbye to “Elmira” (the houner of the hotel) ended up being a feast of smiles and kisses, hugs, hugs and good wishes.

mosaico nos vamos

Plethoric, grateful and smiling we started cycling, looking at the clear blue sky totally clear without a single cloud.

Drunk with the joy of starting, the move, the adventure which started, we rode the first 300 meters when, suddendly I felt that my rear wheel made a strange noise and then stopped me more and more until I couldn´t continue. Of course I stopped and got down of the bicycle, Aitor approached me and together we started to search the problem … nothing … What is it? …. we couldn´t find it until….. we saw it:


The rin is cracked!!!

After a few seconds of shock in which bouth realized to the idea of ​​what this means (today we will not leave Osh) we started looking for options and solutions:

Keep cycling to China, go on and once in that country we will get Kashgar where to buy a new rin with good quality it is possible …. “Ufff I don´t know, I don´t know, the road is good but … there are very steep descents before arriving and who knows if it will  last or not? It could break in the middle of the pass and then…. what?”.
To catch a truck …. “No, no, forget about that option.”
Go here to the bazaar and search through what they have waiting for appear and help us to find something with quality….. “But we know what is in the bazaar …  only bad quality chinese things”.
Ask someone to send us one from the capital in a van-bus like the people make here, it´s fast and cheap …. “Yeah but … no matter how fast it is, it will take at least two or three days …. ufffff”.

Finally we chose the option “bazaar” and seems that our lack acompanied us down there. A tyre with a very good look appears among the piles of semi-junk that they sell. A while ago was the last thing we could feel to say but now we were screaming of happiness : we’re lucky! (Life is so relative, isn´t it?)
Then, time to work in the complicate job of removing the wheel and reassemble it again in the new rin, in the handwork Aitor is the master: patience, more patience, talent and precision….. still is working on it.

mosaico rueda

It will be tomorrow the day? this night we will sleep with fingers crossed, all of them: hands and feet.


3 comments on “Surprise!!!

  1. Ya empezamos! Esos son los kg de más que ha cogido Laura…jijiji suerte y coraje para lo que os espera! Un abrazo compañeros!

  2. Heloou our friends 🙂 you are huge inspiration for us. Is it LIFE or what 🙂 keep going, we are with you all the time!!! Nis, Srebia :)))

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