Here we go!!!

We are warming up motors…. brrrm, brrrmmm …. and the sound is pretty good.
The desire to start so big that we have the bags out of the closet for days, warning, remembering, wishing to come the imminent departure.

Between Osh (that is here, this place that has been our home since December) and the border with China, has a pair of high passes, one of them reaches up to 3.700m and is still very cold and snowy almost every day. The news came to us from an Englishman who tried to bike a few days ago and he gave up, climbed it into a truck to reach the border because of the amount of snow and ice on the road.

We intend to pedal every km and for that reason we have been waiting for few days to get the good weather. For the next few days is expected to be cold with strong wind but not too snowy.

Here we go, we can´t wait anymore, tomorrow is the day!
The woman who run the hotel told us that we have to leave before 21st because that day and according to tradition, a ritual is celebrated widely for rain, the rains come. People cooked in huge potss a mixture of milk, flour, sugar, some meat and stones …. yes, stones. She says that she does not remember the exact recipe but she assures us that it works. For our good we have reach the border before that day because after …. great rains will start.

Here we go, we jump to the road, we are going back to live on the road out there on the world without hot water or mattress, without several fires for cooking or heating, without electricity that make longer the days, without the abundance and variety that comes when living a few minutes from the market …. there we go. The body and mind quickly gets use to the easy life and confort. From one side is hard to start again with that hard life, especially when the weather is not so good. But the soul criesasking to go back to the nomadic life that pedaling, gets full and overflowing of saisfacción, enjoyment and happiness even in the hard and difficult times.

We have been working on the blog (in Spanish version) with the “Country Tales” in the right side and you can find below. Sorry because we didn´t make it in english, but it is too difficult for us. Too much works. We selected the best part of the cronics of all the trip and put them in that part. Still we didn´t complete because are missing the part which Aitor cycled along at begining of the trip in Nepal, India, South-east Asia, China and Tibet. And also somecountries in Africa when he was alone after my accident in Angola.

We had check and made a selection of the best photo of all the countries we passed by. You can see them in “Photo-galery”
We have our fingers crossed (knowing that we have all the visas right) this time to cross the border with the country of the “great wall”. After Taklamakan desert opens to us with its enormous magnitude. But, what makes us shine our eyes and take a deep smile is to feel the closeness of Mongolia, just around the corner.

Here we go.


One comment on “Here we go!!!

  1. Remember Taklamakan means ‘go in and don’t come out’. Best choice is to go around – unless you want to go on another ‘excursion’?? enjoy the passes.

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