When we decided to create the project “Plantyourself!!”! to carry wuth us in the trip, one of our main and most important concern was to be honest with ourselves and to know what was the reason which moved us to create it: To get sponsors or we were creating it because we felt from inside.

We reflected honestly and separately.We realized that it was a message, something that, while we continued traveling, it is our contribution, our little seed in the attempt to change some of those realities that we find in this world, and we know that they harm it, they are destroying it.

Thus was born “plantyourself!!” and full of energy we decided to take it with us fordward: if some help came, welcome, and if not, we would do the same. No help came, the supporters supported us more because our way of life than because the project itself, which was just a bonus. Now we feel gratefull of that failure to attract resources and support, because it has given us the freedom not to be forced to with anyone because we do not acquire any commitment other than with ourselves.

The fact that we have been finding at the time of doing the project, has been a series of totally unexpected impediments:
– Countries living in dictatorship and censorship they not allow any means of free speech: go to a school and give a speech is unthinkable, banned and even more for a foreigner.
– Timing issues: traveling by bike is going slowly and visas given in many countries, gave us the time enoug to cross the country as two rockets.
– Communication: although as we saw in the beginning, it is true that English is a subject in schools of many countries. we met many teachersthat had no level to maintain a basic conversation, so you can imagine the level of students.

At this time that we have stopped we have looked backward many ways ( even the project)and also have looked forward to see what is coming, in order to change anything if we need to improve ourselves. Considering the countries to which we are heading: China, Mongolia, Tibet, Southeast Asia …. we are aware that we will face the same obstacles that so far we have faced.
Quite deflated of all that energy and enthusiasm that we had at begining in the project, we had the idea to forget it, to leave it behind forever. But after chatting with a friend we saw clearly that it is an all or nothing, black or white. Later we pass by countries that speak English and Spanish that will give easily all the necessary circumstances to carry out it then …. Why to break down alland leave it behind?, We wonder.

We decided finally, wrap it in a padded bag in order to avoid the suffering with the bumps in the road and leave it there, at the bottom of the saddlebag because, yes we know that realistically will not see the light for a long time but we´ll not give it up for lost.

Since we restarted the trip we had not said anything about be plantyourself in any writing, waiting to “see if the next country can be” but …. the next country which open the doors has not arrived and we assume that many of you will wonder what has happened to the project? well …. you see people, so far it is a failure and wanted to share it with you.


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