Uzbequistan pictures

Bazars full of people coming and going, the women is who make the bussines of selling, and all of them offer the products to anyone who passes by. In the picture,  a kind of cheese with a very strong flavour, is little bit acid. With the cheese dried boles, fresh milk and kefir, are the main milky products is this area.


Bukhara, the mithic Bukhara where the traveler arrives after crossing the Turkmen desert, wishing to see, to rest, to get a shade, and of course of having water. City with antique canals which made the desert a pleasant and beautifull place to rest for the traders of the silk road. We did as them, and here we recovered our power, our wish to keep on and some kilograms.



Bread (the women in their hands) and meat (in the small shop on the left) is the main diet in central Asia. For us as vegerarians there are te and drird fruits to have with the bread.

Life and smiles, the uzbek people is so friendly and allways ready to share but also giving our space. Really great mix.


The cotton plantation in Uzbequistan looks to be eterneal, kms and kms on the both sides of the road. In the picking time all the country work in it. Workers, students, women, aged people…bit by bit they pick huge mountains of this amazing gift of the nature.

The amazing thing is that they sell it to China, to buy it again converted in textil, because they don´t have factories in the country.


And more about Bukhara that together with Samarkan are the jewels of Uzbequistan.

The arquitecture of both of them remember us to Iran, ans as four uears ago we were like and the full moon iluminate our night stroll while the rest of the people is sleeping.


The first yurt appeare and it make us to feel the change this in that part of the world one can experience… from the desert of middle east to the highst mountains of central Asia where we can see the Mongol influence not only by the trait in their faces but the way of living. We are getting close to Kyrgyzstan, nomads country.

But before that we make a curve on the road and we head to Tajikistan, the jewel that four years ago  we could not enjoy and this time we don´t want to miss the chance. But after that, we already told you what happened with the visas.



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