Pictures from Turkmenistan

Sleeping  close to the police station on the Turkmen border .


The bad condition of the road surprised us. We had to ride 500 kms in 5 days!!!!!!!!!


We enjoied a lot the water canal we crossed in the middle of the desert, in the middle of the day!!!!!


Spending soooooooo many hours pedaling on the bicycle, we enjoied every single day each sunrise and each sunset.


Camping on the sand dune. Silence and tranquility.


After pedaling 110 kms, we had to push hard to find one place where nobody could see us from the road.


One comment on “Pictures from Turkmenistan

  1. Well done guys! We are nearly back to normal life. We will start working 1st. of November. Then we will have more time for writing you. Stay safe and keep in touch!
    Monique and René
    the 2 cyclists from Cappadocia (

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