Pictures from Kurdistan

Is it a restaurant, hotel or campsite????, no it is a petrol station. In those places is                                                                                            where we used to sleep while we were traveling in Kurdistan. Always we were very                                                                                      wellcome and even in the most of them the workers gave us some food to recover                                                                                                the energy for the next day.


The most famous ice cream of all Turkey are made in Karamamarash, where we stop                                                                                        to ty them and to verify that their reputation is right.


Men, men and more men in the street drinking tea. Women have their place in the                                                                                         house and only the tourists have the “honor” to sit between them and enjoy the fresh                                                                                           air that  in these very hot days is blowing through the alleys of the ancient Bazaar,                                                                                         that seems to transport us to the times of caravans and travelers .


In Urfa everything is ancient,  the streets and the parks, the buildings and the fountains,                                                                                 even the barber shops seem to be rescued from a distant past. A city where no one sees                                                                              what there is but what  involves us in a magical atmosphere making our visit to that                                                                                              place an unique experience.


When traveling by bicycle we have the time to see and                                                                                                                                               enjoy amazing places like this one. Very strange rock                                                                                                                                                 hanging from the mountain, from where freeze water was falling.


Leaving the south and low lands of  Kurdistan, we head toward the Van lake, climbing                                                                                      higher and high. After 5 days we arrived to the upper land where we got amazed with                                                                                    the views of green grass and beautifull hills.


5 comments on “Pictures from Kurdistan

  1. hı my friends ı m yusuf and from kurdistan we spoke about kurdistan as you remember…you explained so nice to kurdistan thanks a lot 🙂

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