Serbia and Bulgaria

We had already listened many things about Serbia and the Serbs so, we arrived in the country curious to know how real was all that we had been told about, and as already happened other times with other countries… nothing to do with reality.

They (the Serbs themselves) told us that they are aware of their bad reputation for the world and, in some talks in the evening we debate on how often we tend to judge the countries by their politicians, by the actions that have, those who drive the “ship” but the rest, the population (which are ultimately the country) just paddle the same here as in Bosnia, in Africa than in Pakistan, only guided by their governors they just row. By travelling we had found that transferring the differences that yields in ourselves because of the culture, the religion, the climate of the place we had born, finally …we are all the same … exactly the same…. just people.

People who want to be happy and not want to fight in wars, people that gets wet when it rains and thirsty when it is hot. People who want to be happy and live as best as they can. Finally in the roots… all the same.

Serbia is an Orthodox country, and we had discover that, as the Muslims, their religion expressly asked to take care for travelers, to be kind with them and offer their hospitality, so, this is what does these big and strong people who normally enjoy drinking beers in the afternoon, and look into the eyes when they talk.

We had cross Serbia in “Eastern” that is very special for them, in this they enjoy together in a date family reunion and among other things they eat boiled eggs painted in bright colors and decorated a thousand striking ways. The ritual is to hit each other the egg and if it is broken or not, is a sign of health and luck for the year.

We have crossed the country with bags full of colored eggs that we were giving away here and there. The eggs were boiled and we …. very wet because if at the beginning of the trip we caught the cold, now was the time of the rains.

Serbia as Bosnia has left us with the desire to return, meet and travel more and more these beautiful lands.


If something has offered Bulgaria to us has been the spring.

After the rains and cold in Serbian we entered this country that welcomed us with a long, steep hill, and after the rains we arrived really wet to its capital, Sofia. After that and once we went down to the plain in the Balkans (the mountains) end …. Spring came! in just one day we changed of season.

Flowers, green, sweetish odor, the sight of the endless yellow fields, purple trees, white, pink …. poppies and tulips in bright colors, the comfort of riding in short sleeves and feeling the sun again warming softly. Enjoy this magical moment of the dusk and the appearance of the stars seated quietly. These temperatures mean quality of life for us.

Both agree on the perception of the Bulgarian people as cold and distant, rude and serious, slippery when looking … Who knows if it is the legacy of years of slavery and subjugation to the Turks?.

We have crossed the country with little contact or approach with them, savoring the spring, the land and the abundance of life at this time. Nourishing from the miracle that the spring provides every years.

We are celebrating that the spring is here!!!


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