Slovenia amazed us, literally.

We could not believe we were in one of those countries that we usually think as the “Eastern Europe”. Because what we were seeing as the kms passed was something like Austria. A country where the living standard is higher than we found in Italy that we had just left behind.

Here the houses are large and the towns we passed by were small, we din´t found poor or old areas but quite the opposite. These people seem to be in love with their homes, judging by the affection with which care all the details. Their passion is to decorate the windows with beautiful flowers , but we realized that is the inside part, behind the glasses!!!!! The most of the people have a garden and a piece is always used as a orchad where they spend hours and hours.
The peculiar white churches with black peaked roofs usually are somewhat separated from the villages. We could see them among the rolling hills, and there, between the villages and the curches is where we used to camp in the farm lands.
In the villages we felt harmony and tranquility and, since we entred in the country, the people always friendly and ready to help, smiling and calm made us much easier to cross this land which we didn´t know nothing about but that it was somewhere and that was once in war.

Most Slovenes speak English without any problem and so we were told that this is because the population is small (just two milion) so they just have translated into their language few books and almost no films so they are required to have a good level in this language and, thanks to it we could communicate much more and learn a little bit about what happened in this country.

Its capital: Ljubjiana.
An ancient city looking very young. Something like if it had made a stetic surgery due to the poor condition remained after the two earthquakes that left it suffering and half-ruined. The pile of young college crowd here and there and walk pedestrian ways, fill it with freshness and life. Three bridges cross the river in the city center and there, at the foot of the hill that is crowned by a medieval castle we met Marija, Aitor´s friend. we stayed at his house where we took a day off. She alone, cycled for 3 years in Asia, China and even Tibet. We made her a lot of questions about what happened with Yugoslavia. We spent long time talking about our trips and the Yugoslavian problems, that contrary to what we thought, Slovenia almost did not suffer the war:

– “Just 2 weeks of war, that’s all we had” – told us while we were pedaling towards er town situated 20 kms northward of the capital city. – “and was not really a war, rather it was something like when the animals strutting about in front of others to show the contrary forces without a fight. Tanks and soldiers advanced towards the borders but there was little fighting. We had a referendum and 98% of the population voted for independence, the country was united and that made us stronger, like the echo of being supported by some foreign countries. Since then everything has developed and has not stopped growing. ”

– “Ahhhh ….. Capitalism!” – Her father was complaining while sitting at the table we were debating while Marija was traslating us – “aaaaahhhh ….” – (They, who lived both systems tell us that no doubt remain with the previous one) – “the problem was not conducted properly followed. To have a system that equal the population, the first thing people needs is education if not nothing can work, and the politician must give the first exaple, but ….. d. And so it happened in recent years that all was been corrupting.”

If there is anything that delights us on the fact of traveling is to find, meet and share with the people all we can, and often this make us to spend more days than we thought in some places and change plans or route and , that is exactly what has just happened again: we changed plans and instead of continuing to the east we have chosen the south. We know that most of which are directed towards the East by land take the road from Slovenia to Zagreb and then go diagonally until to reach Turkey, but there is another possibility and it’s what draws us more, Bosnia. A country so mountainous harder but that tourism has barely arrived and knowing that the grand majority is muslims, make us to chose this route. But before to Bosnia we´ll have to cross a small strectch of the Croacian country.


One comment on “Slovenia

  1. Hi guys, I hope you had a good time in Sarajevo and Bosnia and I hope you will have a good time where ever you go. Too bad we did not meet for the coffee. Perhaps we will have it on your way back from Nepal.
    Good luck

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