Italy is gone already

Italy has been disappearing under our wheels. In less then two days we will be entering another country on our journey. Our excitement and curiosity about Slovenia gave us extra strenght to keep pedaling.

Italy has been a pleasure. Being hosted by Internet has not worked in this country and thanks to it, that has led us to ask to the farmers if we could camp on their lands (most were crop and we did not want to pitch the tent without asking ) has made us to meet the real people of the country that always friendly and smily allowed us to stay. The meetings with the farmers normaly hasnt´t gone farther, but … we are in Europe where everything is different to what we have known in other countries. However, we have been delighted not receiving a refusal, a face or strange suspicion about our intentions, is what sometimes we thought might happen in European lands.

We changed the route and made it longer to cycle along to enorrrrrrrrrrrrrrmous Po river (the largest river in Italy) which has on both sides of its banks a paved track for cyclists and pedestrians. From the beautiful Mantuva and guided by the advice of our friend Meybol we took the course of the short Mincio river and by it we joined the Po river which leaded us until Ferrara (declared “the city of the bicycle” in Italy) where we were hosted by a family that will remain in our hearts. We learned to make fresh pasta (tagliatele). After that we keep cycling along the river discovering the towns in another way: seeing the back side of them.
Normally the road pass by the street through the village to which they give the other facades and doors but, meandering along the Po we discovered the houses from the backside, where are the gardens, the clothes hanging, tables and chairs where to sit a while to cool …. it was like we were looking at their lives from one small hole while we were passig by.

A great plesure and then to Chiogia: “Little Venice” little but charming, a pair of channels and fishermen’s cottages, narrow streets and old walls in buildings, fishing boats and among people strolling the cobblestone streets we left northward to Venice.

Venice in our mouths sounded sweet pronouncing it (we had always heard great things about this city) and all we had imagined was right this time, even a little bit more. A day of rest that we used to walk between the bridges that cross canals, with tourists from all around the world that with their opened mouth were taking pictures at each magic corner of that amazing city full of ancient palaces, narrow streets , bridges, gondolas, water, sun and rain … because it rained . A storm that passed through in a second, left the city even more beautiful if possible with the roofs shining in the sun. That city is not comparable to nothing.
Stroling through its streets we discovered that the excitement of visiting, seeing and feeling it made us be closer, it was as if we fell in love again ….. then we remember what people say about Venice and love …
A nice end to this feast of Italy and … if this was the dessert …… what a great menu!!


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One comment on “Italy is gone already

  1. ragazzi un grande saluto da Maria e pensavo in questi giorni e aspettavo notizie di voi su questo sito…mi fa piacere che Venezia vi sia piaciuta..e’ stato un bellissimo incontro.siete due ragazzi speciali…mangiati gli spaghetti?????

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