Face wind.

It was the first that has abandoned us since we started the trip: the rear wheel of Aitor´s bicycle , the metal rim to which the spokes are engaged. It seems it was already tired of spinning and after ride through the African continent, it never ever be the same. Taking advantage of this break it has delegated from his honorable position as “the one who carry the most weight of the bicycle” and has left us forever. Her poor soul cracked, literally. A small break of about 10 cm, and nothing else could we do but to say goodbye and to go to find a new one as soon as possible. But …. that “soon” between one thing and another became “later” and as we were resting, we decided to wait for it and stay a few more days.

What we could not even remotely imagine is that the rim and that “soon” became “late”, were a gift from no more, no less than the Gods of The Olympus!. We do not know if it was through the blog or maybe the Facebook but it seems that they heared about the trip and, knowing the stremely cool weather coming to Europe from Siberia, they took pity on us.

We are still amazed and grateful with all they did ….. What a nice people these gods!

So, it was like that we saw this “cold wave” from the warmth of home where, we was blessing to the rim, the “later”, the Olympians and we watched getting frozen the fountains, pools and even a canal.

These days, we have the idea to sanctify to Angelines and Emi the ones who offered this place to stay, openly and with so much love, but ….the idea seems to be a somewhat complicated process so, we’ll leave for another time.

Each day, curious, we switch on the TV to see the weather in at least three channels with the secret hope that someone say “the siberian cool is already gone”, but… nothing. It happened that by the time they said the “Siberian cool wave” was tired of spain and start to leave, we were engaged in an even worse thing. It seems that this foreing visit of the Siberian “lady”, became jealous to a lady from here a very, very strong one: Ms. Tramontana.

Shocking to meet this “lady” who blowing is as strong and hard as makes impossible to walk straight. When we go out to the street, then begins the struggle: blowing “she” push you from one side first, then starts from the other and when you have all your weight to make resistance and be able to walk, then…. she suddendly stop for a moment and almost make you finish on the floor.

This strong and powerful lady has convinced us to stay for a while more , so … we’re at her mercy. When “she” gets tired of blowing, we will go back to the road.


One comment on “Face wind.

  1. Chers voyageurs, Je vous ai rencontré lors de votre passage à Menton près de Nice en France dans un jardin avec beaucoup de citrons. Je vous suis depuis ce jour à chaque étape de votre voyage.Je vous admire beaucoup pour votre endurance votre persévérance et votre bonne entente. Prenez bien soin de vous pour poursuivre votre route. Merci de m’envoyer la suite du voyage. Recevez toutes mes félicitations . Arlette

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