from the comfort of one home…

Already it seems to have spent the whole life.

We have had of everything, up and downs which broke our legs  and ports of mountain, sensations of connection again with The Life and the insecurity that gives not to have where to camp when the night comes and still one is too much inside some city. We have had ice every morning covering everything and mud on having slept in some farmland of which we work out brown up to the ears. we have been received in warm homes where beautiful souls and soft mattresses have given us the chance to recover of our tirednesses and we have got literaly and totally frozen often … .very often. We have got lost and on having done it find a beautiful church of more than thousand years in which there allowed us to sleep those who were restoring it.

The biggest surprise has been to have a couple of unexpected companions of trip. I was not waiting for this  constant look, those which were constantlyobserving uslike two curious friends. It remembered us to the giraffes in Kenya when they were putting his heads out between the leaves of the trees . Those who have observed us attentive, those who have accompanied many of these 691kms have been The Pyrenees. There from the heights, frozen like we have been a constant almost, and in his appearance a source of life and energy for us.

And someone more, another companion; a former acquaintance of Aitor who has not become to me very nice and with whom still I am learning to deal well with: the cold. Learning I am, as I´m telling to you, to living in him, with him. I have learned that there are things that one can and cannot do, that it is necessary to re-learn to act and, that there are important procedure of knowing when one lives out with these temperatures. Still I am in it, in this Aitor is my teacher. Often Iobserve  him  and  i take his decisions as mine ones at the moment of deciding when to take off this jacket and to dress in the other one. we cannot allow ourselves to sweat too much, not that the wind gets into your gloves (having taken them from you is better to put them inside your jacket, like that when you use them again they will be nice and warm and they were adding theirs heat). Ultimately I have discovered that the cold is pure mathematics: you add or you rest but all the time you are on the thin line.

The body continues reponding well, more than well to the effort of pedaling, to the load, to the hardness of this life in which every night you have to construct your home though you are tired or are hungry, though the cold paralyzes your hands and shrinks your body. The simplicity of the simplicity again has made us his effect coming to remember how simple it is to live when you observe more than you covet, when you allow more than you force, when simply gently accepted what comes, nothing else. … from sta Margarita Girona.




By ¡¡Plantate!! Posted in Spain

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