The life has brought us a red alert with wind, a wind that here in “Ayerbe” (28 km from Huesca) has blown yesterday and today as a fellow said “wild”. That has been what has stopped us and here we are, yes our legs …. so happy, the happiest of world and perhaps in the vicinity.

Just outside of Pamplona the first hill was waiting for us, one of those hills which nobody can climb without opening the mouth. Even we didn´t  know,  we were making ready the body to end the day in the same way, climbing another big hill which would leave us at the entrance of Yesa village. Recalling the previous trip,  brought us the feeling of those days that we enjoyed cicling, as we passed villages and green plains. We slept only a few meters from the road, so few that have surprised anyone. the Yesa dam  was accompanied by the meeting with some friends to just to say “see you”.

The next day we woke up with mud up to our ears (we slept in a farming land) and a layer of  ice that covered everything. The man at the petrol station where we remove the pieces of mud blocking the wheels reassured us by saying that only we had to climb 800 meters, “and after, all downhill until Huesca” … “well, well” we answered no believing it because we already know that for the people driving a car every road is downhill. And it was as we feared, but …. even worse!!.  After a few kms uproad and uproad and more and more uproad, we reached the top of a port: 858meters. So we understood, the hill wasn´t  800 meters uproad but 800 meters high!!!! … small misunderstanding!!!!!!!

The climb was so beautiful with views of snowcapped Pyrenees in the background that we had enjoyed the climb so much.
I’m discovering things about winter … requires patience …. you wake up and it´s raining and only you starts pedaling when it cleares up (not when you want).  The day starts late and ends early,  it doesn´t give you time to pedal as much as you wish but… maybe that is helping  us not reaching the limit of our body.  And another thing ….patience to put on and take off your clothes (we spend a third of the day dedicated to this task) …. thanks that we got a cothes sponsoring, we have appropriate equipment, …without that, it would be unberable cold.
Beautifull lands, stunning the Rocks of Riglos,  which in their attempt to touch the sky all the people get speechless looking at them, amazing places these days.

As I wrote before, the wind stopped us,  the villagers told us about the red alert about the wind was given for the goverment.  After a long search, we finally slept in a “curious” room at the train station.  One of those place, which most people never would get a foot in, but when you have only one choice is like a 5 stars hotel.

Traveling  by bicycle as we do, is not only necessary to have resistance to pedal the high passes in winter but to be prepared for much more than to climb ports.
Greetings from this small village where the wind seems is lossing power.



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