On the road again !!!!!

                                     And as all things come finally the rain stoped and the sun gave us the starting signal  of the trip.
27/12/2011 that day we both felt “yes, it’s time” and  as we went out to make a round to the park for a while and go back to the house… we started our trip to make a round to the earth… for a while.
We had a long time without riding our bikes, and at first made us difficult to control because they are so so heavy. Travelling in winter means to carry so many things!!
In our first day we cicled just 11 kms during which we were setting details (saddle, nuts, rubber …)
The way we choose to leave behind the Basque Country was “Leizarán Valley”; a magical path that was the railway linking the area with Pamplona and have transformed into a dirt road where cars are not allowed.  A luxury to be able to pedal there.
Walnut trees, oaks and occasional Holly trees watched us on the first night camped by the river. One night we were visited by a good friend who has helped us in relation to the project. Brought tea and cookies, joy and warmth and the conversation we had we were becoming aware that we are finally “on the road” again, that everything stop and, everthing starts.
The next day brought more beautiful places, all this north area is as green as you can not belive it even if you are watching it, old houses, mountains, animals…
 The time to see on the highway crossed over our heads all these cars so fast while we slowly pedal on this secondary road that nobody wants …. make us felt free, in the same world but …. so far.
We had wondered how it would be to pedal here in Europe! After crossing many countries and distant lands, we were curious to know how would be the people’s reactions , if we would find any hospitality in “our land” and… again we found the same that in other places or countries : the smaller is the town, the more humble people we find; larger (usually) is the humanity.
It was in “Latasa” in a very small village very close to Pamplona where we stopped to ask if they had a place to spend the night in the shelter of the rain that seemed to come.  Haritz quickly offered his land for camping, then he took us to the Mayor´s home and he allowed us to sleep in a small local store and used it as a social space. That was not all, the mayor even invited us to breakfast the next day at home with a note that they threw under the door and that’s a shame, we did not realize it.
There is no difference of what we found…. good people ….. more and more good people. The world is full of it, no doubt.
Does not change and that is, the encounter with the people is exactly what gives boost when everything gets difficult, where you draw strength in tough times, that’s what it feeds our perseverance.
                                                                                                                                                                Laura M.C.
(Sorry, still we are learning to use the blog and we can not upload the rest of the pictures so…. you can see them in the spanish version wich is a traslation of this. Aitor make the Euskara (Basq Country language). )
Have a happy new year food of happines and inner peace.
By ¡¡Plantate!! Posted in Spain

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