Some photos…

Us we told you, here we publish some pictures we took in our trip. Now that soon we´ll start our trip, looking the pictures the motivation we feel increase very fast. But to be honest, we don´t need much mitivation, becuse we are full or energy and illusion.

This is the mityc picture of India, The Taj Mahal, made for love.

This Sunset in Malasia was the begining of a wanderfull night, where i started tasting the muslim hospitality.

One amazing lake in Tibet at 4500 meters high. The budisth flags allways writed with the good wish for all the living beings.

The karakorum Highway, one of the most beautifull roads on the world. At 4000 meters high, we started feeling the lack of oxygen.

Kenya, in Africa. “Moyale road” one of the worst we have ridden in our life.


2 comments on “Some photos…

  1. Very nice photos.
    Where are the ones that we took of you outside Springbok in Namibia?
    Best wishes for your next trip.
    Kind regards,

    Graham and Sylvia.
    Plettenberg Bay.
    South Africa

    • Hi Graham and Sylvia,
      Really we took, only fie pictura of our trip,
      but i remember that photos, still we have a lot of work
      with the pictures.
      One day we’ll put the in order.

      Enjoy life. Soon very soon we are leaving again.

      Kind regards.


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