The conference

But that was ¡¡¡¡¡¡ good !!!!!!!We had a few days with the body, nerves and dreams  of the talk. Finally the day arrived and we were even more nervous but at the time the pictures began to move across the screen automatically we relaxed and began to enjoy.

The room had space for 200 people and was full but also there were people who remained unable to enter due to lack of space. We were shocked and saddened because of the people who came to see the audiovisual and were in the street (some of them close friends).

The music, pictures and  ourselves synchronize  very well this time.

At the end, people started clapping and that was a powerful moment for us because they applauded and applauded and kept doing it. We could see and feel through it the gratitude and excitement that people felt…was an exciting moment!!.

All were very happy and we even more sawing them.

At the end we get the t-shirts that we have created with the logo of the project to get some money to help all the expenses we’re having in the preparation of the trip. We had sell ​​a few but, we must also say that we received a few reviews because we are so bad sellers. Yes pedal we can do it, we also jump in the adventure but when is coming the time to sell anything or ourselves …. we become like babys.

Anyway, was wonderfull to share with people our adventures, also the things we discover travelling around and making the world smaller for the ones were here with us.

Thanks to anyone who came and the ones who wanted to do it but doesn´t did it.

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